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UASAID - Afghanistan Assessments

In 2011, Pragma carried out a strategic public financial management roadmap assessment in Afghanistan for USAID/Kabul. Under this assignment, Pragma experts analyzed the prospective fiscal financing gap (incorporating both on-budget and off-budget expenditures in relation to total revenues) facing Afghanistan. In addition the project assessed and prioritized key revenue policy/administration reform requirements for improved revenue in-take and enhanced efficiency/transparency of the taxation regime; and analyzed critical expenditure planning and management reforms needed to sustainably enhance the targeting and cost-efficiency of expenditure outcomes, and to reduce disparities in the allocation of fiscal resources at the provincial level.

In 2012, Pragma conducted a program evaluation of all major fiscal reform support activities under the on-going USAID EGGI project for USAID/Kabul. In this regard the study comprehensively assessed the impact of  major technical/training assistance programs in the budget planning, tax policy, and revenue (tax and non-tax) administration areas.

In 2012 Pragma also developed a comprehensive Afghanistan Budget Execution Report for USAID/Kabul. This provided a detailed analysis of the budget management policy framework and system in Afghanistan; and made detailed recommendations on the major policy/regulatory reform and institution-building requirements which would be need to be addressed for the Afghan budget management system to meet best practice standards.

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