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Financial Infrastructure and Economic Governance
The USAID CIPA - Ukraine Project


The CIPA - Ukraine Project was designed to enhance the quality of the accounting profession with the aim of improving the accuracy and credibility of financial reporting. Pragma achieved this through CIPA training, examination, and a certification program. CIPA Ukraine was tasked with supporting the professional accountancy associations in Ukraine and helped them achieve financial sustainability and to take the lead in accounting reform including the transition to IFRS; helping CIPA training providers strengthen and broaden their network across the country. The Project was further assigned to promote the local CIPA-EN entity and guide its operations towards an independent and sustainable entity. Finally, the project increased public awareness of the CIPA Certification Program among industry and the government; improving efficiency and transparency of tax administration through tax and financial accounting reconciliation.

  • Strengthened the technical, organizational, and financial capacity of progressive Ukrainian accountancy associations
    Pragma assisted Ukrainian accounting associations to become full-fledged professional self-regulatory organizations that will promote standards-setting, enforcement, and certification functions. Pragma helped them achieve financial sustainability and take the lead in accounting reform, including transition to IFRS, and harmonization of financial and tax accounting.

  • Strengthened and broaden the network of CIPA training providers across the country
    Pragma was tasked to strengthen the capacity of the CIPA training providers to offer high-quality CIPA training services. The assistance was extended to train the trainers/providers in the seven CIPA courses; to provide training materials; to develop and introduce training quality assurance standards, trainer/provider quality control procedures, and to implement trainer and trainee incentive programs.

  • Established CIPA-EN operations as an independent and sustainable entity
    Pragma was supporting the Ukraine branch of the CIPA Examination Network to become financially sustainable. The CIPA-EN branch was responsible for the timely and rigorous conduct of the CIPA examinations in accordance with the established schedule. Pragma worked with CIPA-EN to ensure: timely announcement of the examination schedule, appropriate administration of the CIPA examinations; writing the Ukraine-specific Tax and Law examination questions on a regular basis; mailing examinations to the CIPA Grading Center.

  • CIPA Public Awareness and Promotion Effort
    Pragma promoted the CIPA certification program to gain recognition by the profession, businesses, investors, and government. To achieve this goal, Pragma implemented a public relations and marketing campaign to increase awareness and recognition of the CIPA program in Ukraine among all potential stakeholders, including practitioners, students, training and education institutions, enterprises, financial intermediaries, and government regulators.

Tax and Financial Accounting Reconciliation
CIPA Ukraine promoted corporate governance initiatives and promoted efficiency and transparency of tax administration through tax and financial accounting reconciliation. Pragma worked with the tax policy staff of the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the State Tax Administration (STA) and the interagency task force to draft appropriate legislation and reconciliation procedures. The procedures were then pilot tested in ten enterprises. Pragma prepared a tax reconciliation manual and conducted training based upon it.

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