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US Department of Energy/Foreign Logistical Support to the Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) Transparency Project

In 1993, a bilateral agreement was signed between the United States and the Russian Federation discussing the safeguard, transparency, and non-proliferation of weapons grade uranium production. Under the agreement, the US, through the Department of Energy, will purchase 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU) recovered from dismantled Russian weapons over a twenty year period. The HEU recovered is to be blended down to lowly enriched uranium (LEU) and then transported to the United States for further transformation into commercial reactor fuel.

The HEU Transparency Program works with four Russian nuclear facilities. The Program monitors the processing of HEU to LEU at the Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plan (UEIP) in Novouralsk, the Mayak Production Association (MPA) in Ozersk, the Siberian Chemical Enterprise (SChE) in Seversk, and the Electrochemical Plant (ECP) in Zelenogorsk. HEU Transparency Program Monitors are, at present, limited to short, periodic visits lasting one week. However, in 1996 the Program has established a Transparency Monitoring Office (TMO) near the city of Novouralsk that allows for constant monitoring efforts.

The Pragma Corporation (Pragma) provides the Department of Energy’s HEU Transparency Program with Foreign Logistics Support Services. For the past fourteen years, Pragma has provided quality administrative and logistical support through its offices in Yekaterinburg, Russia and Falls Church, Virginia. Pragma’s work entails:

  1. Support to the Transparency Monitoring Office;

  2. Logistics Support to the Urals Electrochemical Plant; and,

  3. Technical and Administrative Support to the Special Monitoring Teams

TIME Magazine article on this project:

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