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USAID EG ICT-Enabled Business Reform and Competitiveness Project in Tunisia

(April 2014-April 2017)

The USAID-financed Business Reform & Competitiveness Project (BRCP) is a 3-year project implemented by the Pragma Corporation to transform enterprise competitiveness in the Information/ Communication Technology (ICT) sector and in other key sectors supported by ICT to improve value chains and increase growth, sales, employment, investment, and exports.

BRCP will be active in the following areas:

  • Providing technical assistance to businesses

  • Improving business access to capital

  • Matching growing businesses with qualified job-seekers

  • Improving the enabling environment in key areas

Providing technical assistance to businesses. The BRCP will provide focused technical support in management, technology transfer, quality control, financial planning and control, market development, and other business areas required to enhance productivity, strengthen market linkages and grow businesses. BRCP will also provide technical and market outreach services designed to help integrate competitive Tunisian SMEs into international export networks; including through support for trade fairs

Increasing business access to capital. BRCP will provide resources to improve investor matching services.  The Program will also work with partner enterprises and progressive financial institutions to improve the capacity of SMEs to meet the requirements to raise equity and loan capital and will work with partner financial institutions to build their capacity to effectively meet the financing needs of nontraditional SME clients.

Matching growing businesses with qualified job-seekers. BRCP will provide tailored training services, in partnership with local training providers, to help address skills shortfalls limiting enterprise growth. BRCP will work with Career Development Centers and support job fairs to make it easier to match expanding businesses with qualified job candidates.

Improving the enabling environment in key areas. BRPC will support targeted technical services to Government of Tunisia counterparts and other stakeholders to improve the legal/regulatory enabling environment which will promote enterprise growth and increase employment. 

The results that BRCP seeks are:

  • Strengthened and growing enterprises and value chains in the ICT sector and ICT-supported sectors that are more competitive in global markets

  • Major increases in private investment and in financial market access for SMEs

  • Increased employment, including of youth, with relevant jobs skills

  • Legal/regulatory reforms improving the ability of Tunisian firms to compete in global markets

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