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Energy & Environment Advisory Services

Pragma’s focus in market and business development, coupled with its ability to find unique cost-effective and efficient solutions for government and businesses, complements a value-added portfolio for Pragma’s step-out into energy and environment advisory services. Areas of focus for these advisory services include:

Pricing, Cost Control, and Tariff Design

  • Pricing and cost of service analysis

  • Tariff design and facilitation

  • Cost reduction mechanisms

  • Market price forecasting and analysis

  • Fuel supply cost assessments

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Regulatory audits

  • Uniform system of accounts

Performance Improvement

  • Information technology (IT) solutions

  • Design and monitoring of key performance indicators

  • Achievement of industry best practices

  • Customer service operations

  • Organization performance benchmarks

Strategic Business Operations

  • Organization commercialization and restructuring

  • Infrastructure maintenance and replacement schedules

  • Business intelligence data gathering and analysis

  • Strategic risk management

  • Forecasting methodologies and modeling tools

  • Environmental impact studies, controls, and solutions

  • Green technologies strategy

Customer Service Initiatives

  • Public outreach and communications strategies

  • Energy service companies and energy audits

  • Conservation and demand-side management programs

  • Metering, billing, and collection systems

Legal and Regulatory Conformity

  • Legal reforms and resultant policy-making

  • Regulatory compliance and case filings

  • Development of rules, regulations, policies, and procedures

  • Quasi-judiciary regulation vs. market competition analysis

Pragma has established close working relationships with specialized international and local energy and environment companies and consultants. These relationships allow Pragma to build teams of top industry specialists that are responsive to clients needs to insure the best strategic outcomes. Pragma takes a results-oriented approach on commitments to innovation, responsiveness, and delivery of the highest quality, both in expectations and products.

U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) – Highly Enriched Uranium Transparency Implementation Program

For the past fourteen (14) years, The Pragma Corporation, through a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy, has implemented the HEU TIP Program. In February 1993, the U.S. and the Russian Federation signed a bilaterial agreement for the safe and prompt disposition, for peaceful purposes, of highly enriched uranium (HEU) extracted from surplus Russian nuclear weapons – resulting from reduction in accordance with arms control and disarmament agreements. This agreement reaffirmed both governments’ commitments that nuclear materials transferred for peaceful purposes will comply with all applicable nonproliferation requirements and also allows the U.S. to purchase some of the uranium in a form suitable for use only in nuclear power reactors.

The Pragma Corporation supports this important non-proliferation program through an agreement signed in January 1994 to purchase and dispose of 500 metric tons of dismantled nuclear weapon HEU. This HEU is being diluted in Russia to low enriched uranium (LEU), which is then delivered to the U.S. for use in the manufacturing of fuel for commercial nuclear reactors. The fuel delivered from the HEU weapons material will eventually generate an amount of electricity equal to that used by the entire world for almost three years.

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