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Encouraging Civic Participation
Gender in Development

Pragma recognizes that involvement of both men and women is essential for economic and social progress in any country. Therefore, an ongoing objective of all Pragma-implemented projects is to help create significant economic opportunities for both genders. This idea is incorporated into every aspect of our project design and implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation. In designing projects, we take gender principles into consideration during activity planning by trying to understand the differences and anticipate the effects of gender. Pragma continuously works to improve the efficiency and overall impact of our projects, and to ensure that both women and men have equitable access to development activities and their benefits, keeping in mind that our activities may have significant differential effects on different social groups. The gender-sensitive approach employed by Pragma ensures that our projects have a deep and lasting impact.

Pragma collects and analyzes sex-disaggregated data which serve as a guidance for identifying existing gender-related issues in our projects. The data also help us to address these issues and prevent future gender issues.

Pragma’s dedication to women’s empowerment is reflected in our work with interested groups of women to maximize their participation in the development process by addressing their specific concerns and needs. For example:

  • In Kazakhstan, Appex Group, a consulting company owned by Ms. Nourzhamal Ospanova and Ms. Lyudmila Nekrasova, reached out to Pragma’s Enterprise Development Center to help them develop a strategic plan. This collaboration resulted in a sales increase for Appex Group of 431 percent, and a productivity increase of
    95 percent.

  • In Turkmenistan, USAID/Pragma’s training course, Preparing a Business Plan, made it possible for Guncha Nurmuhamedova to start her own business producing Turkmen toy camels. Her annual revenue in her second year of operation was more than US$5,000.

  • In Kazakhstan, 41 percent of the business associations with which Pragma cooperates are headed by women.

  • In Tajikistan, several Dushanbe women founded a bakery Sladkoeshka to help fund the activities of Bunovoni Navovar (women’s community group) and offer employment for women in the community. Pragma’s Enterprise Development Center helped Sladkoeshka with their Strategic Action Plan, resulting in increased sales of more than 25 percent.

  • Ms. Kakimova had previously been unable to receive a loan to start her bakery. After attending a Pragma/USAID seminar on business planning, Ms. Kakimova was able to receive a loan for starting a bakery.

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