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ADB – Investment Promotion Activity, Armenia

Pragma, in partnership with Ameria Management Advisory, is currently implementing an ADB-funded project that focuses on attraction of foreign direct investment to Armenia. Under this contract Pragma is supporting the Government of Armenia to prepare and conduct a major international investment forum that aims to attract international investors to Armenia. Specifically the project will:

(i) Manage investor dialogue and conduct a robust investor outreach campaign (including road-shows and presentations) before the inception of the investment forum;

(ii) Furnish potential investors with screened and attractive investment proposals (including PPP opportunities) developed by the project team in cooperation with private and public sector stakeholders;

(iii) Raise awareness among potential investors and financial institutions about the attractive investment opportunities available across the various industries of Armenia;

(iv) Develop the terms of reference for a Professional Conference Organizer (PTO), select the location and timing of the investment forum, and recruit the PTO;

(v) Assess the investment facilitation performance of the national institutions involved in FDI attraction activities in Armenia, provide post-forum analysis of the implemented activities and advise the Government on learnings from the assessment and the forum which could inform the government on its investment attraction strategy in Armenia

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