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Let’s put the chief accountant to a school desk

“Vecherniy Bishkek” Newspaper - By Iren Saarkyan - July 28, 2005

More than 600 nominees from Bishkek and Osh took part in a prestigious competition of accountants (CIPAEN, the CIPA Examination Network). Even unbearable hot weather didn’t scare them from participating in this important event. Everyone showed up at the competition. Of course, the game is worth the candle. After all, with the international certificate no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to find a job.

Selecting the best is not simple. While working out criteria for selecting candidates and winners of the competition, its organizers referred to the experience of the most competitive international companies and of the International Federation of Accountants. As a result, they determined a list of requirements on managerial accounting, taxes and law, finance and audit. Besides Kyrgyzstan, similar exams were conducted in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia.

Availability of high-class specialists in this sphere will help Kyrgyzstan to more successfully convert to international financial reporting standards, and will assist in attracting foreign investors to the country. The dialogue with these investors will be carried on in financial terminology to which they are accustomed. Moreover, getting a “certified accountant practitioner” qualification opens good opportunities for exam themselves.

One of the participants of the competition, Tatyana Daiyrbekova, shares her impressions: “Participating in this competition is very important for me. You are asking why I agreed to this exhausting and tiring process, having 24 years experience of working as a chief accountant. This is an examination. It is necessary to keep up with the times. Over past years accounting standards have gone through many changes. It is not possible to wake up as a good accountant; it is possible to become one. But for this it is necessary to constantly study and improve. As for the competition, I can say that the tasks were very difficult. I had to work pretty hard in order to solve them.”

Over three years, more than 3,600 people in Kyrgyzstan took part in the CIPAEN program, and more than 500 already have certificates of international standard.

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