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Signing a Memorandum aimed at increasing the level of accounting education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Owww.kazeu.com - Website of Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov - January 2006

On January 25, 2006, USAID Enterprise Development Project (USAID/EDP) and Kazakh Economic University (KazEU), named after T. Ryskulov, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation whose main goal is to increase both the level of accounting education in the Republic of Kazakhstan and cooperation in the development of accounting disciplines’ curriculum and plans. Within the framework of this cooperation, USAID/EDP will assist KazEU in stocking its library with modern learning materials on accounting based on international standards. In turn, KazEU will use the materials to educate its students according to standards set out by the Certification for International Professional Accountants (CIPA) and contribute to improving both professors’ and students’ access to the supplied materials.

Currently, about 80,000 students in Kazakhstan’s higher educational institutions are getting degrees in “Accounting and Audit” and “Finance and Credit.” Because it is essential that students specializing in these areas get all the necessary knowledge and skills, USAID/EDP is providing assistance to Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries to develop a curriculum based on international education standards and international financial reporting standards for accounting specialty students. The CIPA Program is the only such program in the Russian language. The accounting education program contributes to developing a highly competitive educational system that is modern, that has research and educational potential, and that can quickly absorb all the best that the world’s educational community has to offer. Building on its glorious traditions, the university keeps its high status as a leader of Kazakhstan’s economic education that can even handle tasks at the world level.

As doctor of economic science, rector of KazEU professor A. A. Abishev mentioned, “Cooperation within the framework of the achieved agreement is first of all a mutually beneficial partnership, which will allow raising the preparation of professional accountants and auditors in the country to a higher quality level.”

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