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USAID Public Finance Management Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract (PFM IDIQ)


The Pragma Corporation is one of the awardees of the USAID Public Finance Management Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract (PFM IDIQ). The PFM IDIQ was awarded by USAID/
Washington to six large business firms and three small business firms. The IDIQ has a maximum ceiling contract value of $700,000,000. USAID Task Order Contracting Officers (TOCO’s) can request the work through the issuance of task orders during the contract ordering period from September 30, 2012 through September 29, 2017.


PFM is a world-wide IDIQ contract which is available to both USAID Washington offices and overseas USAID Missions. PFM addresses four area’s which are key to USAID’s goal of achieving broad-based equitable economic growth:

1. increasing and expanding human capacity;

2. improving the policy environment to promote efficiency and economic opportunity for all members of society;

3. sound management of institutions; and

4. good governance.

Technical assistance is provided through the following labor categories on a fixed daily rate basis for senior, mid and junior levels:

1001 - Economist/Sector Specialist/Trade Advisor/Financial Advisor

1002 - Business/Enterprise Development Specialist

1003 - ICT Expert

1004 - Attorney

1005 - Contract/Grant Management

1006 - Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist/Learning & Knowledge Management Specialist

1007 - Administrative Support.   

Technical Areas

As a PFM IDIQ holder, Pragma has the capacity to provide research, technical assistance, and/or training in the economic policy areas discussed below to USAID’s pillar bureaus such as EGAT or DCHA, USAID field Missions, USAID Regional Bureaus – Africa, Europe and Eurasia, Latin American and Caribbean, the Asia Bureau, and Middle East Bureau, other operating units and host country institutions (public sector, NGO and private sector).

Macroeconomic Policy

1. Fiscal Policy – this includes all aspects of public finance, fiscal policy and public expenditure management

2. Public Finance, Public Debt Operations and Public Debt Management

3. Monetary Policy, Banking and Central Bank Operations

4. Trade and Exchange Rate Policy

5. Macroeconomic Policy Coordination/Integration

Growth and Sectoral Policy

1. Labor Market Analysis and Policy

2. Sectoral Policy Analysis and Review

Data for Policy Analysis

1. Planning, National Income Accounting, Strategic Development and the collection and analysis of aggregate economic performance data

2. Collection of Statistics in the Technical Areas listed above

Other Macroeconomic & Sectoral Policy

This is a residual category and includes areas such as USAID strategic planning documents, pension reform, pricing/subsidy policy, regulatory and pricing issues, the economics of energy policies, economic literacy, gender-based economic constraints, or other macroeconomic or sectoral policy issues of particular importance from an economic growth perspective, and identification, recommendation, dissemination and assistance in implementation of sound economic policies in such areas.

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