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Trade & Investment and Competitiveness
Quality Management, Standards, and Metrology

Pragma’s work in quality management, metrology, and standardization helps companies meet international Metrology, Accreditation, Standardization and Quality (MAS-Q) norms, which is an essential part of gaining international acceptance for products and improving market access.

The MAS-Q Component of our USAID-funded Trade Facilitation and Investment Project in Central Asia focused on improving trade facilitation and market access by creating awareness of international MAS-Q norms, and promoting the benefits of international standards and mutual recognition of certification and accreditation results.

Achieving mutual recognition for the countries in Central Asia consists of two parallel paths: one technical, the other legal and regulatory. The technical path involves strengthening and aligning the technological MAS-Q base of the standards and metrology bodies in the region to a level that will be recognized and accepted by the international MAS-Q community. The legal and regulatory path focuses on strengthening the legal framework and the harmonization process of national quality laws, standards, technical regulations, and policies to be consistent with international norms and WTO compliant.

The MAS-Q Component's activities included:

  • The formal establishment of the Central Asian Cooperation on Metrology, Accreditation, Standardization and Quality (CAC-MAS-Q), which strives to align the MAS-Q activities of the four countries in the region in order to achieve international mutual recognition of accreditation and certification activities

  • The implementation of a formal program to train regional technical specialists to become internationally recognized assessors to perform accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories in full accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025

  • Assistance in the drafting of WTO-compliant laws on technical regulations and conformity assessment in all countries in the region

  • The donation of $3.8 million of scientific instrumentation and electronic test equipment by the US Navy and Boeing Corporation to the standards and metrology bodies of Central Asia. Training in the use and application of the equipment was also provided

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