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ADB RETA 7380 - Enhancing Border Trade Services and Rules for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Countries: Vietnam, Mongolia and People’s Republic of China (PRC)
Date: July 2010 – June 2012

Funded by the Asian Development Bank, The Pragma Team is providing policy and advisory guidance to address constraints and recommend strategies for improving trade efficiency and increasing the volume and value of trade activity conducted by SMEs at key border crossing points along the Vietnam-PRC and the PRC-Mongolia borders, which form an integral part of important emerging economic trade corridors in East Asia.

The Pragma Team is tasked to gather and analyze information on border SMEs and their trading patterns, identify and assess key issues and constraint areas limiting their ability to engage in trade, and develop options and recommend actions to mitigating problems and constraints in order to increase SME and small trader access to financing, introduce new financial products and services to support SME trading activities, and enhance SME trade efficiency and access to information.

The TA will result in elimination of policy and regulatory barriers limiting SME border trade and a wider range of information and financial services available to SMEs engaged in cross-border trade, including at least two new financial products for border traders and a 20% expansion of SME credit volumes by 2012.

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