Public Financial Management

Middle East and North Africa


Libya Public Financial Management Program (LPFM)


This 5-year program partners with the public and private sectors to revitalize provision of critical public services, enhance the capacity and transparency of municipal governance institutions, and establish an enabling environment that promotes private sector growth—advancing Libya’s journey to stability and self-reliance.

We provide technical assistance and capacity building at the national and municipal levels to reform public financial management and ensure adequate funding for critical public services. We are working with 46 municipalities as they lead the way to implementing decentralized government funding and accountability—and with upwards of 20 pilot municipalities on strategies to ensure urgently needed delivery of education, primary healthcare, and solid waste management services.

Our collaboration with the Ministry of Finance is building the capacity of its recently established Macro-Fiscal Unit to promote stable and efficient macro-fiscal policy formulation and management.


Our support for key reforms and oversight of Libya’s electricity sector is helping to build commercial sustainability and bring more affordable power to Libyans, while raising awareness about energy use and conservation.

We also are reaching out to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), business organizations, and government authorities to create a business enabling environment that will fuel investment, job creation, and economic diversification. Results will drive growth for SMEs, and for women-owned businesses, manufacturers, service providers, and exporters

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